World premiere Niels Bohr “Verden Bedste Menneske”

Niels Bohr “Verden Bedste Menneske”



Niels Bohr: The world’s best man Few can put into precise words who Niels Bohr really was and what mark he has left on the world – but in Anna von Lowzow and Marie Breyen’s film, ‘Niels Bohr: The World’s Best Man’, we finally get a coherent and vivid story about a Dane who in the 20th century probably left the biggest mark on the world.

How did Niels Bohr manage to be awarded the Nobel Prize already at the age of 38? Why were Germany, Russia, the USA and England racing to get hold of Niels Bohr during World War II?

Why did the Niels Bohr Institute become a mecca for physics, to which researchers from all over the world made a pilgrimage? And was it Niels Bohr who invented the atomic bomb?

All this is linked in a beautiful and captivating film about a man who did his utmost to save a world in chaos and war

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