Made By Hand

Danish design brand with a passion for craftsmanship


Made By Hand is a Danish design brand with a passion for craftsmanship and timeless refined products – offering a sense of harmony and comfort to everyday life.At

Made By Hand, we are inspired by many Scandinavian crafts traditions and styles, – an array of opportunities to develop authentic and durable design products.

All Made By Hand design products are manufactured by local craftspeople – in Denmark and abroad. We celebrate the local cultural experience and expertise for designing and crafting products by hand.


The creative origin of Made By Hand is exemplified by the classical original Danish workshop lamp from the 1950s designed by A. Wedel-Madsen.


In style, expression and function, the workshop lamp unites modern and contemporary design values.


In the 1950s, “the workshop lamp” was used to provide the necessary light for craftspeople in the workshop, – passionate and very proud of their deep understanding of materials, techniques, and utmost attention to detail.