Gaias Children



Our fascination of the disfigured has its roots way back in our collective history. Set against the historical changes in society, culture and natural science, this documentary focuses on the lives and biographies of a number of physically deformed people.

The ethical question raised in the film is: do we have the right to use gene technology and early diagnosing to prevent the birth of genetically imperfect children?


A 1-hour documentary on the implications and effects of extreme physical abnormality.

Produced by Milton Media in co-production with TV2-Denmark and The Danish Film Institute.

Written and directed by Bente Milton


  • 1999 Best documentary – Nordic Film-days in Lübeck, Germany.
  • 1999 Danish Film Academy Award – Documentary of the year.
  • 1999 Certificate of Merit – Golden Gate Awards, San Fransisco
  • 1998 International Travel Grant, Nordic Panorama
  • 1998 Special Recommendation of the Jury – PRIX EUROPA
  • 1999 Best Documentary, Festival International del media
  • Ambient, ……..Gava, Spain
  • 2000 Danish Disability Foundation, Encouragement Prize.
  • 2000 Nominated for the TV-Festival prize 2000 1998.