Ukraine-Docu days filmfestival 2015

I was representing “the look of silence” at the human rights festival at Kiev Ukraine. The festival is very well organized and with an amazing program of film all around the world. “I also did a doccu class” with was very interesting.


“Extened Q&A with the world-renowned director of photography, winner of the Sundance award for 
the Best World Cinema Cinematography for the documentary Putin’s Kiss (dir. Lise Birk Pedersen) 
and many other prizes.

Lars Skree is a real “star” in the world of documentary cinema. He filmed famous Joshua 
Oppenheimer’s The Akt of Killing (2012) and The Look of Silence (2014) about the executors and 
the victims of the mass killings in Indonesia.

The first one was screened at the previous Docudays 

UA, the second one – is one of the headliners of this year’s festival. Besides, in the non-competiton 
program of this year there are two more movies, filmed by Lars Skree: Freak Out! (dir. Carl Javér), 
The Agreement (dir. Karen Stokkendal Poulsen).

Lars’ colleagues are saying that he is a a multifaceted personality and a man of inexhaustible artistic
potential. Jury of various competitions awarded him for his skills, courage and kindness with these 

– Lars Skree has a unique quality of living in the moment, listening intensively, and 
observing. While his one eye is focused on a view finder, the second one is looking into the 
wider perspective – into the world outside the lens. 
– Lars Skree is yin and yang, a toughie and a poet, a soldier and a graceful dancer.#


Among many other things, you can ask Lars about his experience of risking a life while filming the
war in Afghanistan for the award-winning documentary Armadillio (dir. Janus Metz Pedersen), as
well as about his visit to Donetsk, Ukraine, in Spring 2014.

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