The Romantics Netflix

The cultural legacy of iconic Indian filmmaker Yash Chopra, who is regarded as the father of romance in Indian cinema. Screengrabs and photos from the making of “The Romantics” filmed by DOP Lars Skree.


Experienced cinematographer with a strong background in documentary filmmaking and a passion for visual storytelling. Collaborative and creative, with a keen eye for composition and lighting. Skilled in both traditional and digital filmmaking techniques, with a particular expertise in working with natural light. Known for his ability to capture intimate, emotional moments on camera.



Cinematographer, “The Romantics” (Netflix), 2023.


  • Collaborated with the director and production team to create a visual style that captured the mood and atmosphere of the story
  • Worked closely with the actors to ensure their performances were captured in the best possible light
  • Utilized a variety of camera techniques and lenses to create a sense of intimacy and immediacy in the storytelling
  • Shot on location in India, Mumbai




  • Expertise in both traditional and digital filmmaking techniques
  • Strong understanding of lighting and composition
  • Experience working in challenging conditions and with limited resources
  • Creative problem solver and collaborator
  • Proficient in various camera systems, including Arri, Red, and Sony venice
  • Skilled in color grading and post-production techniques




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