Prince Joachim Of Denmark

Prince Joachim DR K

his Royal Highness Prince Joachim of Denmark will undertake a new mission to find out who the Danish people really are as he narrates a new 6-part series for Danish network DR K which will be produced by Nordisk Film Production and broadcast in the autumn of 2019.


The youngest son of Queen Margrethe and the late Prince Henrik said of his involvement with the programme: “I have always been interested in developments in Denmark. How are we here? What kind of society does we all enjoy? Who has built it up and has it all been a dance of roses?”


nder the themes of faith, democracy, school, borders, law and symbols, Prince Joachim will the next six Wednesdays talk about values ​​that over time have helped shape Danish society. In the programs “Prince Joachim tells …” the Prince dives into the history of the Danes, and on his way, His Royal Highness meets, among others, future confirmands and the border police at Copenhagen Airport. In addition, the Prince visits historical monuments and places such as Jellingstenene, Lellinge Borgring and Nyborg Castle..


rince Joachim participates in the programs as the main narrator, where the Prince tells about the Danes’ roots, who we are and what is fundamental to the Danish identity. The prince is also co-organizer of the programs and has been part of the daily editorial staff.



Story By
Director Of Photography
  • Thomas Gulyas





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