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”Passion, dedication, and a lot of coffee.” 

OSCAR 2016

— OSCAR 2016. “The Look of Silence” by Joshua Oppenheimer are shortlisted for Denmark’s Foreign Language entry.

— Lars Skree in september number in American Cinematographer

Working in Egypt, Holland, Mexico & U.S with Dutch director Coco Schrijber. “How to Meet A Mermaid

Working in Egypt & Holland with Dutch  director Coco Schrijber. “How to Meet A Mermaid

How to meet a mermaid is a mesmerizing documentary about the sea and the people that are attracted to it.

We all love the sea and the sea loves us back by letting us fish in it, swim in it, sail, surf, dive into it. But sometimes the sea has her moods and becomes dangerous, then we have to fight for our lives.

With spectacular underwater sequences, and characters that remind us of ourselves, How to meet a mermaid will sweep you out of the cinema like a tidal wave.

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