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Zambia – Ndola Operation Celeste directed by Mads Brügger, produced by Peter Engel.

Operation Celeste” directed by Mads Brügger, produced by Peter Engel.


Zambia – Ndola Operation Celeste


Zambia – Ndola Operation Celeste

A reinvestigation of one  of the last century’s great unsolved mysteries; the death of UN chief and Swedish statesman Dag Hammarskjöld in Rhodesia (Zambia) September 1961. The project centres around the enormous research results of Göran Björkdahl and will hopefully end up being a groundbreaking political thriller.

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Photographer Paul hansen

Gaza stribe, Swedish TV1

2013 is the year when the Swedish photographer and photojournalist Paul Hansen definitely takes step among the truly great international photographers . The image from Gaza who wins this year’s picture in the world via the World Press Photo Award is an image that has already become icon and without a stop is published again and again in the world media . It is simply ” this year’s picture in the world” .

Hansen already allocated Year award photographer here at home for seven years in a row, ‘became world famous and so too the picture. But the family in Gaza – the mother who survived  the bomb attack that killed her husband and two children , captured the image from the funeral through the alleys of Gaza – what happens to her?
Paul Hansen visit her and creates a tender and respectful relationship with her and the rest of the survivors in the family.

Photographer pride and joy at winning photo journalists finest award is mixed with sadness and concerns that the contents – a family unspeakable pain – cabled over the world in a more than unusual context. The choice of more than 100,000 journalistic images of the jury in Amsterdam has fallen on just this . Santiago Lyon, moderator of the jury, explains why.

How does this affect this unfortunate family, How are the photographer and how will it affect everything that happens to his personal commitment he had for this conflict since 2000 ? Does such a picture and a such attention by responding to any political change? Paul Hansen in the belief that what he does is important and can change?

Photographer Paul hansen
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Saraqeb, Idlib province




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CNN Heroes

Afghanistan (CNN) – Razia Jan is fighting to educate girls in rural Afghanistan, where terrorists will stop at nothing to keep them from learning. Despite the threat of violence, Jan continues to open the doors of her Zabuli Education Center. She and her team are providing a free education to about 350 girls, many of whom would not normally have access to school.

cnn heroes, Razia Jan

Razia Jan


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